Get to know your HVAC contractor

We opened our doors in April of 2015. Back then, we used a Ford Explorer as a work truck and met clients on nights, weekends and holidays - whatever it took to get the job done. That hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction paid off. Now, we've upgraded to three fleet trucks and still provide the same customer service our clients love.

When you hire us, you'll work with a small company focused on one thing: bringing you the best value for your money. We've handled million-dollar projects and window unit installations, all with the same excellent service.

How we got into HVAC work

After graduating high school with honors, our company's owner, Jacob, earned a college-level business degree. Instead of pursuing a traditional desk job, he decided to get another degree in HVACR. That was no easy task, as the nearest school was 70 miles away. But the effort paid off. Jacob earned his second degree, and then obtained his EPA license in the same year.

He spent the next decade working as an HVAC contractor, learning all about the industry. In 2015, he established Ivey's Air Condition And Refrigeration and earned his mechanical contractor's certification.

See the difference working with a local, family-owned business makes. Contact us today.